New concepts
plant engineering

For being ahead you don’t need to take each step yourself.

The use of expert software and the technical environment serve to support and accompany you in implementing your ideas and achieving your targets. However, the technical complexity of the resources available to you and the impact of various dynamical factors can impair the performance of your project especially at the beginning, slowing down work processes and challenging important deadlines.

Therefore, we would like to provide you with our knowledge for the sustainable optimisation of your work.

We were already able to deploy our capabilities in 200 international projects with AVEVA software, enabling us to develop a comprehensive knowledge base. We offer extensive understanding of the corresponding programming language PML and C# and deep knowledge with regards to AVEVA products.

As a competent team we offer to you our support for the coordination and completion of your project in all aspects of international plant engineering.

Range of performance :
VE Solutions provides a complete spectrum
of all planning and performance processes
for plant engineering and construction -
from the concept design to the As-Built
completion and electronic transfer of all
project data.